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Qutique Colour Coat is similar to a nail lacquer but it lasts longer. Qutique is cured on with an LED lamp (or UV Lamp) and soaked off with our Remove-It Solution (acetone based). It comes in a black bottle, which protects it from the light.

Qutique has a thinner look than gel/acrylic nails and paints on more like nail polish, but it has the high shine of a gel. Qutique is soaked off with our Remove-It Solution (acetone based) and does not require bonding, sculpting, infilling or filing to remove.

We recommend using Qutique Base and Top Coat with our Colour Coat for maximum results.

Results vary from person to person, how closely they follow the instructions and the condition of their nails. When applied properly we certainly have reports of Qutique lasting two weeks or more! The result is certainly longer lasting than regular nail polish, dries instantly and a finish that has the shine and finish of a gel, without the thickness. We also claim in most cases nails will be protected under Qutique. This is one of the best things about Qutique – nail breakage is minimised to vary rare instances.

All orders will be dispatched within 2 business days (usually within 1 business day) and delivery will be made within 5 business days (usual time is 2-3 business days)

Qutique™ is an Australian company based in Sydney that consists of creative individuals that focus on developing and providing consumers with the latest in quality Qutique™ professional beauty and cosmetic products.

Our dynamic team are focused on developing new gel nail polish colours and analysing current global colour trends to ensure our customers get the latest colour trends available at their fingertips!

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