Australia Wide Flat Rate Fee $12.50

How To Remove

1. Apply Remove It

Apply Remove It Solution to Remover Wraps

2. Secure nail

Secure Nail with Remover Wrap

3. Wait

Wait ten minutes to allow the remove wrap to soak in

4. Remove remover wrap

Remove Remover Wrap by twisting and pulling off the finger.

5. Remove excess polish

Remove excess nail polish from the nails with a remover tool/cuticle pusher or birchwood stick

6. Clean nails

Clean nails with Scrub It Solution and Lint Free Nail Wipes

7. Apply cuticle oil

Apply Cuticle Oil to all nails and cuticles

Qutique™ is an Australian company based in Sydney that consists of creative individuals that focus on developing and providing consumers with the latest in quality Qutique™ professional beauty and cosmetic products.

Our dynamic team are focused on developing new gel nail polish colours and analysing current global colour trends to ensure our customers get the latest colour trends available at their fingertips!

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